Images taken in Guatemala in the areas around lake Atitlan and Antigua © 2015 Skip Hunt


Rusty Barge Series - Isla Holbox, Mexico © 2015 Skip Hunt


Images featuring elements of nature by Skip Hunt © 2015

By Chance Series

"By Chance" Series © 2015 Skip Hunt AppleTV hooked up to main display, and the screensaver is set to randomly pull images from my 1750+ image Flickr account. The screensaver setting is "origami" and either displays one image on the screen or it picks and assortment to arrange. Usually between 2 and 5 images at the most. Every now and then, I'll look over and see images it chose to put together and go, "Oh wow! That's a really nice combo. I should make a note of that and do an ongoing series of them.


This is a series based on a set of rules and parameters I've set for myself as an experiment to see if it helps maintain a cohesive quality throughout the collection. 

Each composition was based on images from one of 4 trips, and each composition's images are unique to a specific location with no cropping or cutting and pasting done at all. All source images are kept framed as they were shot. © 2015 Skip Hunt


Images of architecture or with architectural elements by © 2015 Skip Hunt

Digital Playtime

Digital manipulations, paintings, etc. by © 2015 Skip Hunt


Images made while traveling in and around Washington, D.C. and New York in late Summer 2011. + Photo Book available  © 2015 Skip Hunt


Images from a Colombia trip in 2012 by © 2015 Skip Hunt


Images of Asia © 2015 Skip Hunt


Images of France, Portugal and Spain © 2015 Skip Hunt

tX LS MS 2011

These images were created by Skip Hunt during a motorcycle journey in March of 201